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Divorce is separation of husband from wife or vice versa. It is an official process where either of the spouse can register for permanent separation from another if he or she is uncomfortable.

Words are simple to write but hard to express. Those two lines described divorce so systematically with compiling words in beautiful sequence, but it is that much hard to express. The world say that MARRIAGE is a holy bond between two individuals of opposite gender, then what makes that holy bond to break in pieces! Reasons have immense excuse to speak. They say about injustice, tolerance, lack of compatibility, cheating stories and hard to adjust with the married person or with the family or with both. Most of the marriages, now days, takes place with the consent of both girl and boy. Marriage is holy bond that not only connects two individuals to each other but also join families together and make a bond and relationship between them. And divorce breaks those bonds after some systematic official processes. After consent of boy and girl for marriage and after marrying each other many unwanted reasons takes place which leads to separation.

Reasons for marriage breakups are –

>EGO PROBLEM:The most common reason in marriage breakups or reason for divorce is Ego problem between husband and wife. Youths now-a-days refuse to compromise which leads to a disturbance in relationship. They consider COMPROMISE as a serious problem behind hampering their self-respect and so the ego problem arises.

CONSTANT FIGHT:Fighting is taken to be the spice of every beautiful relationship, but when this fights continue for a long time and takes place a major problem in society, it ruins the relationship. It makes the partner exhaust to stay in a relationship.

POOR COMMUNICATION:When the communication becomes poor between two married individuals, when sharing of day schedule lacks importance then the relationship slowly starts reducing bond. When talking to each other is of less importance, then both starts losing interest and the relationship becomes exhaustible. Poor communication also happens due to lack of mismatched views and thoughts.

EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIR:When someone is tied with one person and is committed to one, he or she cannot see his/her better half with someone else. The spouse cannot share his/her partner. An extra marital affair creates a disturbing atmosphere in relationship which leads to divorce. An extra marital affair allows the partner to think that he/she is no longer important to his/her partner. So he/she decides to separate from each other.

MONEY:Love is a factor which adds magic to one’s life, but practically money is all one need to fulfill dreams and money is needed for enjoyment. Money is the factor which fills your stomach. Money builds independence, creates attitude and ego. Human wants are unlimited, so the more you get the more you want and this creates an unsatisfied atmosphere between married couple. Money crisis hampers relationship when your partner starts adjusting by compromising all his/her wants. This creates an unwanted atmosphere in relationship which leads to divorce.

So these are some reason which forces a man and a women to get separated from each other. So are you also facing some problems and wants a divorce problem solution. You are at the right place,Acharya ji is expert in providing divorce problem solution in the every possible way. For more detail you can call us on- +91 9415431197 or you can visit our website- https://astrologerscience.com to know more about our services.

Divorce Problem Solution | Astrologer In India
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Divorce Problem Solution | Astrologer In India
Divorce is a separation of husband from a wife or vice versa. It is an official process where either of the spouse can register for permanent separation from another if he or she is uncomfortable. Acharya Ji Provides Solutions for such problems.
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