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07 Jun 2018 remedies for manglik dosh

Marriage is a holy relation in our country which ties two people in a bond of a lifetime. India is a country where people respect their culture very much that is the reason they follow every custom and traditions in this holy event of their life. But sometimes they face some problems due to which their marriage is on stay for many years. A problem such as Manglik dosh, Love marriage problems and many more. In this blog, we will talk about what is Manglik dosha and what are the remedies which can prevent it so that a person can marry at the right time. We will also talk about what can happen if these remedies are not taken into view.

So let’s start with what is Manglik dosha? In Hindu astrology, a person is considered as Manglik if he/she is born when the Mars is in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. There is two kind of Manglik people one is pure Manglik and the other one is Angshik.

Now let’s talk about the characteristics of Manglik Dosha-

1- This dosha is not gender bias and can occur to anyone. Ig we talk about astrology then the planet Mars represents respect, energy, ego, and self-esteem, so according to this, it is believed that a person having Manglik Dosha is of volatile nature. This is the main reason behind hampering the relationship between the partners. It is also said that people having Manglik Dosha have fire energy and if it is used in the right direction the person can achieve many things in his/her life.

2-It is said that the main effect of Manglik Dosha is on the married life of a person. So the best remedy which a Manglik person can take for his/her successful married life is by marrying another Manglik person.

If we want to understand the effects of Mangal Dosha we have to understand that how the Mangal Graha is placed in the Natal chart. It is already mentioned above that when Mars is present in 6 out of 12 houses a person is said to be Manglik.

Let’s talk about the remedies for a Manglik person-

1- Marriage between two Manglik people
It is said that when a Manglik person marries another Manglik person the mangal dosha of both the person gets nullified, so the best remedy for a Manglik person is to marry another Manglik person.

2-Kumbh Vivah
It is said that when a person is Manglik then to remove the negative effects of the mangal dosha a ritual is performed known as Kumbh vivah. In this ritual, the Manglik person has to marry a people tree, banyan tree or a silver or gold idol of Lord Vishnu.

3- Fasting on Tuesday
Among all the remedied fasting on Tuesday is said to be one of the most effective remedies. A Manglik person who is fasting on Tuesday should only eat toor dal.

So these are some remedies which can reduce the Manglik dosh of an individual and if you still facing the problem with your mangal dosh you can contact at +91 9415431197 for the solutions. The World Famous Best astrologer in India Pt Harish Chandra Ji provides free astrology services at Achariya Harish Chandra Dwivedi Ji is expert in solving Manglik dosh and will surely help you and give you a solution to your problem.

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