Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Anyone will agree to the fact that we, humans, spend most of their time inside a building be it our home, office or anything else. Buying a home is one of the dreams of everyone in our country. There are a lot of myths which are associated with buying a house. It starts with buying a land to making a house on that land. All the things are taken care of in which direction the kitchen will be situated or in with direction will be the bathroom will be situated. These all things come under vastushastra. Vastu Shastra is the study of architecture which actually tell us how to build a house or a building.
Its also tell us the pro and cons of following Vastu Shastra and not following Vastu Shastra.

The following are some points which are stated in Vastu Shastra and have to be looked after-before buying any house or building-

Before purchasing a house or a building, check the direction of the main entrance is in which direction.

There should never be a tree, a pillar or a temple in front of the main entrance.

Toilets or bathroom should never be in the middle of the house or in front of the door, so you should surely check this thing before buying a house.

The balcony of the house should be in the east or north direction of the house.

So these are few things which plays a very important role while buying a new house or a property. If you are facing any problem with the Vastu Shastra of your house you can call astrology science any time. Acharya Ji will be always there to help you with his expert advice.